Target Audience and Purpose

My portfolio site will primarily be used to display contact information, as well as direct people to my social media where more frequent updates will hopefully be posted. I hope to include a variety of projects to showcase a range of ability.

My interests are primarily in working at a firm, rather than freelance, so my site will hopefully be primarily viewed by professionals in their office, probably using a larger screen Mac type product. I intend to include this site on a business card as well, potentially guiding an employer to view it on their phone during or after an event. I may also use the site on my phone as a quick mobile portfolio, for those cases during a networking event where an employer may want to view and discuss my work on the fly. I have little interest in freelance, so my portfolio will probably not be accessed by many potential non-design related clients.

With these considerations in mind, my site should be easy to navigate and fully functional on both large and small sizes, with consideration to medium sizes as well. Content should be of a quality to view when large, but not too intricate as to increase load time.

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